Saturday, September 21, 2019

I Refuse To Turn 30. I Will Forever Be A Runner

I still think that Carousel is bullshit. Such a scam by THE MAN to keep you down after you turn 30. If you fall for this then you DESERVE Carousel, dumbass.

I will continue to believe this - when your life clock blinks you RUN, bitch. Carousel is bullshit. ALWAYS Run. Fight the system that exploits your effort and gives you nothing in return but Carousel. Do you not see the madness of the whole stupid system?

And for you Sandmen? Take your shot at the title.


Nathan said...

I thought the dumber thing was that the computer told the agent who actually believed the resurrection thing that it's all bullshit, and then still expected the guy to be loyal. Some definite plot holes there.

jester59388 said...

None of that is in the original book so not sure why they put it in the movie. Also, Sanctuary was REAL in the book. They made way too many unnecessary changes when they should have just followed the story in the original source material. (Which is my pitch that THIS is one they actually SHOULD remake properly.)