Monday, September 23, 2019


Every time she makes an asshole climate denier uncomfortable, an Angel gets it's wings.
On this one occasion I allowed the comment by my buttlicking dumbass trump dick sucking troll so you can see how a person without the sense God gave a goose reacts to a CHILD who advocated for a better world for us all. Of course he went to the climate deniers playbook for a way to demonize her. A child who wants to make things BETTER. Not WORSE which is all I see out of Conservative politics all over the world. You would ignore all of this but the kid is right. She is articulate and she is TRUE BELIEVER which should REALY be the thing that will make you shit your pants.
She will change the thinking and the ability to act for MILLIONS of children around the world who never thought they would have a need to become political to SAVE THEIR OWN FUTURES but they are pissed enough now to do just that very thing. You old Robber Barons don't stand a chance.
Greta's kind of dedication and commitment should be applauded and encouraged and never put down.
You need to hear what certain leaders say about her. Surprisingly they are all Conservatives regardless of country of origin.. You can find those reactions online but I can tell you that if this was my daughter that Maxime Bernier (The Canadian Right Wing party leader) said should leave the 'problems' to the adults and because she was on the Spectrum, her words even carry less weight with him.
See at that moment, if I was Greta's proud father I would find this Bernier and beat his ass down with a bag of frozen oranges for what he said. I will let him live but I guarantee that his attitude will either change and Greta will get an apology from that nutcase or I will insure that damage to certain bones in his face that allow him to spew his racist garbage or finger bones who allow him to write these hateful words and maybe the bones in both his knees so that if he has to stand to give speeches, he wold never stop feeling the pain.
It’s perhaps unsurprising to find that many of the U.S. commentators verbally assaulting Greta also have ties to the Heartland Institute, given the organisation’s Big Oil funding and long-history of promoting climate science denial.

The institute’s website published a long blog post by one of its ‘policy experts’, Gregory Wrightstone, who attempted to refute many of Thunberg’s arguments for climate action. “It is time for her to go back to school to learn what she doesn’t know and to unlearn so much of what she has been taught,” he concluded. 


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notaleftie said...

This is standard practice used by commies and socialists. In China, Cambodia, Germany, Italy, North Korea, Russia, and Spain, this practice was used by Lenin, Djugashvili, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, et al to shame and terrorize decent and intelligent people into silence and submission.