Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I Fight The Good Fight With Captain Von Trapp.

This is what I and Captain Von Trapp feel about your so called Trump Presidency. Surrounding yourselves with yes men and ass kissers who will get you to put your name to things you will never be able to explain later. Because you are just the idiot waving from the balcony. We could replace your racist ass with an orangutan and it would take six months for anyone to notice. Oh and another nice move fucking over the people of New York by making parts of Firth Avenue impassable so you can be an asshole and your wife can be a bitch and your OMEN child can finish the spell he already began in Trump Tower. You are costing the city money they don't have to spend. Why not ask for volunteers from your masses with their guns to protect you. They are good Americans all. But for real Donald. Stop being a dick. That is my advice to you about your whole Presidency. Just don't be a DICK. And it starts with you putting an end to this white power, Hitler salutes and  the KKK  making you Honorary Grand Wizard. Once you clean that up you can fix the At-Right Bullshit before they do something stupid in your name - okay, more stupid in your name. They were your digital goons. They made up stories and bullied people who would speak out again Der Fuhrer. Now he wants to try to silence the media because ANTHING negative about him is automatically a lie because it seems that Donald has taken on the Pope's title as infallible now as well. Fuck him. Vive Le Revolution!

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DrGoat said...

Even good upside down. A wake-up call.