Saturday, November 26, 2016

Doesn't This Lumpy Orange Idiot Have Better Things To Do

Crackdown on America’s favorite form of entertainment: Is porn endangered in the Trump era?

Great. The ONE thing that advances our technology and these maniacs want to slow it down or make it harder to find and use for variable amounts of time depending on mood, lighting, ect... Doesn't he know that it was PORN that drove the mass marketing of the home VCR in the 80s. Sure it was so you could play and tape movies at home but it also meant that you also could get some quality porn and watching in the privacy of your own home. Thus porn got better. VCRs got better. VHS beat Beta. That hurt. I was a Beta guy. Then the VCR became the DVD player and the movies went mainstream. With the arrival of the Internet you can thank Porn for setting up a free deliver system for their product that is virtually glitch free. You Tube was smart to follow their model. So my point is that if Trump and his Monkey Men choose this hill to die upon then they will lose. And every comedian out there will mock Trump without mercy. I bet this is Mike Pence's idea. He's a serious Jesus freak and you know that those guys always live in glass houses. The more they scream about the evils of the homosexual, the more they are talking about themselves.

I understand Trump can't get musical acts to play at his Inaugural parties. Well Ted Nugent can tell some bitch to 'suck it' and Huckabee can play whatever instrument he plays and that will be good. Damn. That is a huge FUCK YOU from an ENTIRE group of creative people. Does the Klan have a marching band that also does classic rock? Just embarrassing.

Personally I am waiting for Kelly Anne Conway to snap. She is like an elastic band that has been twisted by a propeller on our balsa wood planes we had as kids. At any second her head will start to spin around and she will actually levitate out of her chair and out of the studio. Or she shoots herself when she realizes the deal she made with this Devil. Either way works for me. No way she thought he was going to win. She was such an annoyance for never answering A SINGLE QUESTION she was asked. She deflected and deflected to Hillary. I though on several occasions that Anderson Cooper was going to go over and just start bitch slapping her until she got some sense and answered just ONE question. I would like to do a study of how much shit he put up with from that one woman who now will never go away. Unless she blows her brains out or Trump realizes she's a woman not named Ivanka and then she is OUT. Then she blows her brains. out. Now that I think a bit more about it she seems like more of a jumper. Either way, the guilt is already driving her nuts and she can't spin bullshit for this bullshit making machine for another four years. I say she is dead by summer. Where should she jump from if she chooses to jump? Ah Trump Tower. Perfect. She can blow her brains out in the Oval Office of course.

I won't even get started on the losers that Trump has choses to associate himself with. He treated Chris Christie as a dog and then let him go when something Christie did offended one of Trump's family. I hear it was Ivanka's husband. Another winner that should not be anywhere near the Lincoln bedroom.

Oh and this is my favorite Trump story of the week. Apparently he called in all the big Network TV heads and read them the riot act about how unfair they were to him during the campaign that HE WON. Fox licked his balls as did everyone else just to hear what the con man would say next. What lie would he tell. I bet if you compare coverage time that Trump got twice as airtime as Hillary - airtime he did not have to pay for. He even had brain dead surrogates explain his statements and actions like we are idiots and we didn't hear or see what we just heard or saw. We heard him with Billy Bush but they just called it LOCKER ROOM TALK. So this gets to my favorite part. I guess when he was acting like the Fuhrer and chewing out these news people for not being fair to him he specifically pointed out THIS picture and said that he hated it and never wanted to see it on screen again.

First of all FUCK YOU. You don't get to dictate what news is printed about you and you don't get to threaten or sue or use the power of you office to punish those who don't write what you like. Get used to the biggest shit kicking one politician ever got and it's going to last four years. If I was that kind of a social commentator I would make sure to post this whenever and wherever I can. This is a rebellion isn't it? Well I rebel. The print media will bash you. Late night TV will bash you. Talk radio will goof on you because you can't help yourself. You are a seventy year old man who gets in Twitter fights with Broadway actors. It's don't get gayer than that. If you were such a dick. That community would accept you and your truth with open arms, Mike. Gay aversion therapy doesn't work and you know from first hand experience don't you. I don't care which way a man swings but I can't respect one who isn't honest with himself.

Now do you see that I can make up any bullshit I want and people will think it's true. No fact check except by maniacs with too much time on their hands but I don't trust THEIR facts or source material because it's all the same fruit from the same poisonous tree. I wish there was a program that turned facts one color and unproven or unsubstantiated hate speech another color.

You make have tricked your way into the Presidency by playing to people's worst fears and created more problems than your small brain will ever solve. Here's our chance to prove me wrong. But until then I will continue to mock the hell out of you. Maybe one day I will write something so good that I will get one of your 3 AM tweets.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The next four years will be like the worst reality TV show in the world times 10.

DrGoat said...

The worst because it will actually be real. He will set us back 60 years. Off to Mordor we go.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I will take the ring to Modor. But I do not know the way.