Wednesday, November 16, 2016

If He Brings Back The Clone Of Uncle Ben Then My Head Will Spin, Then Explode

I suffered through the first Clone Story where we were told that Peter Parker was a clone and Ben Reilly was the 'real' Spider-Man all the time or since the Jackal battled Spidey. People hated it so much that everything was eventually returned back to normal. The Jackal was always a dangerous enemy because he could clone himself and other dead people to fight or mess with Peter's brain. The whole Clone Saga was a giant clusterfuck that never really lived up to it's potential because they lost control of the narrative. To bring it back again was a ballsy choice but I am going to read it anyways. I like the look of this new powerful Jackal and his master plan can ONY end with the return of UNCLE BEN - yes, the ONLY character that can NEVER come back because his death is the core of what makes Spider-Man the hero he is. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility and all that. However it is the freshest thing they can do with a character who has been in print for over 50 years.



jester59388 said...

Please, God, NO!!! I think that might be the last straw for me. Do you see DC bringing Thomas and Martha Wayne back to life?? NO! Does ANYONE think it would be a good idea to do so? Of course not! To me, this would be the ultimate spit in the eye from Marvel. I'll take my dollars to Image instead.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

He brought back many of his dead villains already. It a delicate thing this clone idea. There is always another clone out there and that is annoying.