Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I had an amazing idea of how the whole Walter/Walternate battle will end.

The two of them will do battle in the torch of the Statue Of Liberty. Olivia and Peter's lives appear to be over. As an homage to 'X-men' the movie, (now go with me here) Walternate is just about to finish off Walter too and with menace says something about Walter just being a 'scientist' and 'lacking vision'

Walter is on his knees and suddenly realeases a metal plate that is in a wrist activated gauntlet and makes contact with the floor of the torch. - this sets off an electrical charge that fries Walternate. Something about releasing electricity into a large copper conductor. Basic science.

Walter is able to protect himself with shoes and kneepads he has specially modified for that very purpose - then he stand up, lifts up his sweater vest and defiantly rips off the power belt he is wearing around his waist and throws it on top of Walternate lying before him.

He looks down and says to the dead and smoking Walternate - "That's right, I AM a scientist...with one HELL of a vision!"


Pat Tillett said...

That would be good! It wouldn't harm the statue would it?

I loved a couple of lines from last week. Walter's son asks.
"Walter are you high?"
"Maybe a little" he answered...

Kal said...

My favorite line is when he is sheepishly talking to Astrid - "I created a mixture of Acapulco Gold and Afghan Cush. I call it Brown Betty."

Wings1295 said...

No theory is too weird, right?