Thursday, January 27, 2011

Calvin Cosplay

I was just talking to my fine Mexican Brother D.I. (who has this fabulous pic of himself as a Count Dooku Sith Type Lord) and he suggested we could find a good cosplay character to fit my body type. At this point (ahead of my new diet and exercise program) I can only pull off 'Bouncing Boy' from the Legion of Superheroes. Or Fat Batman.

This got me to think about anyone of you who does or has done cosplay. I would like to post those pictures here at the Cave of Cool. Let me reward your following by allowing me to celebrate your marvelous geekery. I envy your creativity and bravery.

Plus if anyone you recent followers would like to tell me how you found my blog I would be really interested in that information. Your discover led back to me discovering your stuff and some more interesting blogs from your blog roll. It's the circle of life, bitches.


csmith2884 said...

Sure thanks a lot I can be a fat Professor Charles Francis Xavier, or Captain Christoper Pike so cry me a river.

Anonymous said...

I have concluded that the ideal sci-fi costume for a short, dumpy fellow such as myself would be Artie from "Warehouse 13."

Paradox Al said...

If I could dress up as anything, I would try to cosplay as Beast from the Xmen, or that clunky Iron Man prototype that Stark built in the desert. I'm a very chubby guy, but I think I could pull these off pretty well. You can have my ideas if you want them.

Kal said...

Artie wout be great if you had the girls with you too. And Mrs Fredricks. I love CC Pounder.