Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt On The Precipice

I wonder what would happen in the Egyptian riots if the young people who are protesting had guns instead of cell phones. The young want freedom to talk to people all over the world. They don't want the barriers set up by dictatorships.

Guns will not give them what they want nor will guns STOP the change that is coming. Communication and social networks will change the world for the better - not invasion or war.

I hope the US doesn't go into Egypt and fuck this whole thing up. STAY THE FUCK OUT and let the Egyptian people do their thing. Let the young have their chance to create PEACEFUL change. Become involved at your peril America.

There is a generation of people out there who 'GET IT' and will no longer accept the way they have been told the way things HAVE to be. Vive Le Revolution and welcome to the struggle my Egyptian brothers and sisters. The 'Cave of Cool' is with you.

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Sam G said...

An old friend of mine from high school teaches English over in Cairo. I hope she's OK.