Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Observations From The Doctor's Office

I swear I am not usually such a germaphobe but I swear today I felt like I was walking into a petri dish. Maybe it was all the people reading and touching the same magazines that people have been reading and touching for weeks. I never thought before how much those stupid things were passers of plague.

Then I watched this woman at the pamphlet board. She carefully chose five or six brochures and folded the stack in two and started to vigorously fan herself. Then she stepped outside. Then came back in, PUT BACK the six pamphlets and picked six or seven more and repeated the process. I was the only one who noticed this and frankly I was freaked out. It wasn't even hot in the office. I am sure she is menopausal and was having a hot flash but holy crap it looked like nutty behaviour.

So many pregnant women were organizing themselves to be weighed and to pee into jars that I felt sympathetic labour pains just sitting in the waiting room. And this was all BEFORE I got into the examination room.

And I have to go back into that temple of doom to learn how to use my blood glucose monitor on Friday. Pray for me.


TS Hendrik said...

She had the black death. You barely got out alive.

I am a germaphobe so I understand completely.

Nomad said...

I am just as paranoid, but don't care about germs. I can't see 'em, don't get sick from 'em so who the f cares about them.

Kal said...

I am normally not worried about the germs either. I always figured that fighting them gave you a strong immune system and being in a school (which are freakin' germ factories) you can't be thinking about all the snotty noses and poopy pants or you just couldn't function. But I always have lots of kleenex and hand sanitizer around. Today just gave me the heebie jeebies for some reason.

Paladin said...

I like to think myself not overly worried about stuff like that, but when I have occasion to visit my Wife at her work it sorta creeps into my head too. She is an office manager for a team of Pulmonary Doctors.

Lots of flu, cold, virus patients there. Also a high number of elderly patients that have a tendancy to "leak" a little sometimes when sitting in the waiting room.

I keep moving, don't touch anything I don't have to, and never *ever* sit in one of the chairs in the waiting room.

Kal said...

With you wife it must be like being in a school - she must have a super immune system just being around all those germs all the time. I know I would get two wicked bad colds twice a year - November and Febuary without fail. I always figured my system just reached it's limit at those points. Since I stopped teaching I haven't gotten sick with cold or flu one day since.