Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Keith Olbermann

I have refrained from commenting on this story for the reason that you can all pretty much guess my opinion if you have spent anytime on this site. I will do the difficult thing and suppress my balloon juice this one time. All I would like to say is the following - The Keith Olbermann Show on HBO where he can let his heart and head say whatever the fuck he wants to like Bill Maher. He must also say FUCK whenever he feels the need too. 'nuff said.


DrGoat said...

Also, screw Comcast for firing him. Supposedly they didn't like his politics.

Sam G said...

Agreed..but I have to correct you Cal. It's Olbermann. ;)

Kal said...

Thanks for that Sam. I will fix that right now.

Dr G. - Comcast is just as evil a corporate monster as Fox News. Hopefully they will devour each other.

I have a fear that Keith is the first of many of those hosts on MSNBC that will be gone. Once they toppled the big dog the little dogs will go easier. But that will only motivate the best of the left thinkers and talkers to band together under a new banner that will give them the creative freedom they need to call out the haters on the other side.

For those who fear that they will get AS BAD as Fox news has been I would remind you that it is not Liberals who suggest using 'second ammendment' remedies to take out the opponents they don't like. We just have a different style with our rhetoric. We use the head and not hands to do our dirty work. We use reason and arguement based in reality not some skewed interpretation of such concepts as religion or the Constitution.

DrGoat said...

They will becpme FoxCast. Something like the Tyrell Corp. from you know what great movie. The field does seem to be skewed with a gaggle of right-wing opinionists and scarce few on the left. Must be that nasty liberal media thing.

Lazarus Lupin said...

What is really needed is steel cage bare knuckle boxing between keith and glen beck.

Lazarus Lupin
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Kal said...

Which is why we have to get on building the Thunderdome.