Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comic Covers Of The Week


Ricky Shambles said...

I could take a year off work, do nothing but read comics, and not be halfway there.

I love the covers, and love wasting half a day catching up on Wikipedia.

Doo said...

Legends of the dark claw ahahaha

awesome post

Kal said...

Have you ever read it? It's a deliciously insane mashup of Wolverine and Batman with a GREAT villain in the Hyena, a mixture of Joker and Sabertooth. Really high concept and done full retard like is the ONLY way to do this kind of idea right.

Captain Temerity said...

I'd forgotten how great that Batgirl logo was.

Not that I'd trade the Stephanie Brown Batgirl for anyone at this point. That book is pretty much the best book DC puts out right now (with Red Robin so, so close). But Cass's logo fit her character perfectly.