Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Insecurity (2011)

This is a new terrific Canadian sitcom on CBC. It involves a wacky team of agents in Canada's government security force. There are many references to uniquely Canadian things.

For example, tonight's episode involves one the agents being brainwashed by a group of Africa terrorists to kill his best friend who has recently immigrated to Canada. The song they use to 'trigger' him is the 'Payolas' hit 'Eyes of a Stranger' - a HUGE hit in Canada in the 80s. It's iconic to us.

The show moves fast and is really really funny with the jokes coming at you at a great clip. If one joke doesn't land (and few don't) just wait ten seconds.

The characters are a fantastic mix of eccentrics whose type everyone will recognize. It's only into episode four but each show is a gem. Last week the head agent had to diffuse a suicide bomb that was strapped to her grandmother's body in a scheme by two goofs to blow up CBC Radio because of it's FREE use of the airwaves. Of course they fail despite the desperate incompetence of the agents. They always succeed in spite of themselves.

If you download (which is wrong of course) then look up this show on your favorite bit torrent site and enjoy some great Canadian comedy. That seems to be a semi-theme today at the Cave of Cool. Have I ever steered your wrong. I know the funny and more importantly CANADA knows the funny.

From Wikipedia

Alex Cranston - Alex Cranston is smart, beautiful and witty and is the leader of her team and the main protagonist in the series. She describes her self as a "Nerd in a Barbie's body". She is highly skilled and has an unmistakably brilliant career with NISA. Her interests include biathalons, volleyball, avoiding high school reunions and (though against the rules) flirting with cute Russian spies.

Jojo Kwan - Jojo Kwan is an expert in forensic science with a passion for detachment. She enjoys candlelit dinners and autopsies (sometimes done simultaneously). Her I.Q. has been measured at 184 but she insists that it is 184.5167. In high school, Jojo was voted Most Likely to dominate the World and Least likely to read the Yearbook. Her key strenghts include high kicks, poisoning and the ablilty to tollerate Burt.

Burt Wilson - Burt Wilson is a legend in his own mind and liability in his team. His tenious grasp keeps him bilieving in himself, his skills and time travel. His interests include watching an unaware Jojo, working on his Bowflex and writing a book on an unknown subject.

Peter Mcneil - Peter McNeil is likeable, suave and persuasive. He is the director of NISA. He is considered fairly, standard, management material for NISA.

Claude Lesange - Claude Lessange is the veteran of the team. An ex-officer of the RCMP, he has worked all over the world, run down all kinds of criminals and clearly written off all kinds of expenses. While it does appear on the show that he is lazy, he is not; he just knows the time to be an agent and the time to be a regular citizen.

Benjamin N'udu - N'udu was a top spy in his native Ligeria. He was forced to flee to Canada after a bloody change in government in his home country. He now works for NISA.

CastNatalie Lisinska - Alex Cranston
Grace-Lynn Kung - Jojo Kwan
Matthew MacFadzean - Burt Wilson
William DeVry - Peter Mcneil - Director of NISA
Rémy Girard - Claude Lesange
Richard Yearwood - Benjamin N'udu


Doo said...

Looks interesting, might get it!

D.I. Felipe González said...

I'm pretty sure they can't teach us mexicans about insecurity.

TS Hendrik said...

Dang it, this now makes two Canadian shows I'm itching to see!

Drake said...

Probably another great Canadain show that won't see much if any exposure in the US.
I still miss Corner Gas.