Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's The Hair That Makes This Wolverine Cosplay So Great


I Love The Idea Of The Yule Cat

Finally to Iceland, and their folklore traditions of the Yule Lads and the Yule Cat. The Yule Lads are said to be the sons of the giantess of the Icelandic mountains called Grýla, who as Christmas approaches leaves her cave in the lava fields of Dimmuborgir in search of naughty children. The Yule Cat is her pet, a huge and vicious monster of a thing. The cat will eat anyone that has not been given new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve. It thought that the cat was used an incentive for farm workers to work hard to earn new clothes or be eaten by the Yule Cat.

General Mills Atomic Bomb Ring

Fifteen cents and a box top and you too can glow radioactively.
Given away free with Kix cereal, the Atomic Bomb Ring contained actual degrading radioactive material. The instructions stated that "you'll see brilliant flashes of light in the inky darkness inside the atom chamber." Suggesting that to see the miracle of the atoms of polonium-alpha particles on a zinc sulphide screen, you took yourself off to a darkened room and put the atomic bomb ring to your eye. So that you could see the "frenzied flashes." inside the chamber.
Claiming that the Atomic Bomb Ring was PEEFECTLY SAFE, and that kids could wear the ring with "complete safety" may have been a bit of a naieve statement from the manufacturers. Polonium-210, is a deadly element and its alpha particle emissions have a short have life of 138 days. However the silvery metal, found in uranium ore, and originally discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1897 is deadly. It was used to assassinate the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London, in 2006. A microgram of Po-210, which is no larger than a speck of dust, would certainly deliver a fatal dose of radiation. So for kids, who like to put things in their mouths, maybe this ring wasn't such a great idea.


The Onesie Of My Dreams

Removable footies. Why do they need to be removed? Who walks the halls of the Enterprise in their bare feet? Stupid Ensigns. There is no way a barefoot cadet ever makes Captain.
For a futuristic turn through the land of nod, though, there's the one piece Star Trek: TNG Picard Lounger (with removable feet!), embroidered with rank insignia and other details, at $50.

Welcome To 2017

Karma can't even let us enjoy a good stadium implosion. But comedy always finds a way to hold us up.

Well Said Cavuto


I Think She Is Trying To Seduce Me


This Actually Doesn't Look Bad

I loved all the Ghost Rider stuff from last season so Agents in Space works for me.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dune 101

The Runaways

I always enjoyed the comics and would love to see a cameo by CLOAK AND DAGGER.

Check The Corners And Under The Beds. That Is Where The Beatnik Love To Hide While Writing His Beat Poetry


Afternoon Captions


'Z' Is Also For Zatanna Merchandise






'Z' Is For Zatanna Art As Well