Sunday, February 17, 2019

Cosplay By Angel Of Azarath



Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree cards by Marc Davis. Circa 1972.

It's A freakin' country bear jamboroo around here.


I Am So In Love With Even The Minutia Of The Newest DUNE Project

Timothée chatting with Denis Villneuve, sitting, drinking coffee and smiling in an almost spring Sunday afternoon.


Saturdays With The Super Girls



I Can't Wait For This Cartoon.

Super Best Friends Forever creator Lauren Faust has taken over the animation for this series and once you see the results you will be a fan. I love how regal Wonder Woman is and how spazzy Batgirl is.

Look at how amazing the toys are.


Making A You Tube Page Is Amazingly Complicated To Understand

I could use some advice or a tutor to create our YOU TUBE page for THIS WEEK FROM THE CAVE OF COOL. Any help from my tribe would be greatly appreciated.