Monday, May 31, 2010

It's So True

It's the joke we play as a nation with our North America neighbors. We also don't say 'aboot' or call everyone 'buddy'.


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You do drink a lot of pop and not soda, ey?

Drake said...

No "aboot"? but i love it when a Canadian girl says that and "eh"!

I am so disappointed in Canada!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

We will still say it around you non-Canadians. We understand it's how you like to see us. We will still ride our moose down to the hockey rink and the mounties in full red serge will still cart us off to jail. Think of it like one big amusement park that happens to reside in our borders. We would never have you leave without the full Canadian Experience. Eh Buddy.

The maple trees have not dried up and the poutine is just as plentiful. You can sit on our Chesterfields and enjoy some pop and bacon. You can even club a baby seal or two if that is your wish.

And you can do this in a neat, well ordered country were polite conversation is your right.

TS Hendrik said...

I never got into poutine, but my brother craves it on a monthly basis.

Pat Tillett said...

We (and I'm speaking for all of america, when I say this) do NOT thing you people say "eh" and "aboot."

Wings said...


M. D. Jackson said...

"oot" and "Aboot" is a bit of a regional thing. Mostly heard in Eastern Canada. "Eh," is country wide but usually favoured by those Canadians for whom education was an interruption in their hockey watching and beer drinking.

Still, although not a frequent as Americans like to beleive, you can still hear phrases such as: "Hey, Cal. I guess you had to wear your toque the other day, eh?"

Mounties do wear Red Serge, but usually only during certain ceremonies such as the "Musical Ride" or during certain phases of the moon.

Polar bears are a regular sight on the streets of most Canadian cities. In fact, when people start wailing and gnashing their teeth about how polar bears are an endagered species, most Canadians will give you a funny look but will be too polite to say anything. Honestly we don't know what you're on about. This country is lousy with polar bears. An endagered species? I wish!

Moose and deer can regularly be seen in most Canadian backyards in Metro Toronto or Greater Vancouver, and many Canadian children have beavers as pets and raccoons regularly route through garbage that's been left out.

Our Igloos are amongst the finest and every night, when there's no hockey, we go outside and watch the northern lights.

There you go. That's Canada in a nutshell (or from a nutcase, take your pick.).


I refuse to believe that Cal doesn't say 'eh' after every sentence....