Sunday, January 29, 2012

Attack The Block (2011)

"I am too high for this shit." "Trust"

Alien invasion movies are a dime a dozen and then there is 'Attack the Block', one of the best of the lot.

The filmmakers have come up with such a great concept that requires storytelling to grab the audience - not overdone special effects.

A cast of mainly unknowns (aside from Shaun of the Dead's Nick Frost) push this story ahead at breakneck speed. John Boyega is memorable as Moses, who leads the most loyal group of baby gangsters the movies have seen in a long time. I half hoped they would break into a wicked song and dance number. There is that much energy dripping off this cast.

The copy I watched had a subtitled track for all the street language that may been confusing to listen to at first. Over time you pick up the rhythm of the language in much the same way you do when immersed in Shakespeare.

One of the film's many strengths is how sure of itself it is; ATTACK never waits for the audience to catch up with it. It's refreshing to see ideas and thrills explode from the screen at such a furious pace, with barely enough time to catch a breath. The film utilizes practical creature effects (as opposed to the rampant use of CGI found in most recent works), which work well with the old school feel that the film wears proudly on its sleeve.

The alien creatures are themselves just one step above a guy in a gorilla suit but boy are they effective. Less is definitely more in this case.

This movie is an excellent example of great editing and cinematography and doing everything with camera tricks, angles and lighting, that are old as the movies themselves. This is creativity and effort with crowd pleasing results.

Chills and thrills with characters you will care about. Am I saying this movie is a classic? Yes. In terms of great story, believable setting, spectacular low budget film making, it is. I would put this on a double bill with 'Monsters' (2010) and call that a great day at the movies.

I loved it.



Lazarus Lupin said...

Great movie. I love the reaction of the kids here. It's a good combination of "What the bloody hell," run for our lives, and Let's give these bloody things a good ol' fashion bashing. Great stuff.

Lazarus Lupin

Pat Tillett said...

I think I want to see this one! Thanks!

Paul Sizer said...

One of the best films I saw last year. Great balance of practical and digital FX, but as always, great storytelling was what sold me. And yeah, the film moved and didn't coddle the audience; you had to figure stuff out on the fly, and were rewarded if you did. A "B-movie", but not as a slam on it; a B-movie that reveled in that aspect an gave us a great modern spin on an old trope. 100% recommendation.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Everyone I respect has been raving about this film and now that I have seen it I appreciate interactions with those who also 'get it'. There are so many reasons why this movie is terrific the least of which is it's heart.