Thursday, July 18, 2013

Damn Robots

I am late to getting to this latest topic from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers which is strange because I have A LOT to say about robots. Ever since the Terminator and all the other evil robot movies that I have seen, I am convinced that the Matrix is just around the corner. All we need is one of those freakin' computers to become self aware and like SKYNET we will be reduced to fuel or spare parts.
What happened to the good old days when robots moved slow and you could survive an encounter with one if you didn't let him catch you with his crab-like pincer claws. I think I would feel a lot safer if I could gets some of this OLD GLORY ROBOT INSURANCE.

And for all you kids who think that learning cursive handwriting won't help you in the future, let me introduce you to a robot with a pointed stick in his hand. While all of you kids are texting with your thumbs, this robot here will be poking you with the constantly sharpened pencil to teach you how to write a proper 'J'. Well once robots replace all the human teachers.


I could talk about some great robots from the past but I have already done posts on the Transformers or the Jaegers from Pacific Rim but instead lets look at robots that will be very prominent next summer when the latest X-Men sequel comes out.
Sentinels From The X-Men


We've had our eye on the Sentinels ever since the sequel's titled was confirmed to be Days of Future Past, the same as a 1981 run of comics that introduced an alternate future, in which the Sentinel robots have been created to hunt mutants down. Kitty Pryde-- played once again this time by Ellen Page-- travels back in time to warn the X-Men about this future and help avert it, and though rumor has it that it will be Wolverine, not Kitty, sent back in time, the Sentinels still seem to be at the center of the drama. If this robot head isn't scary enough for your on its own, consider that all signs point to Game of Thrones superstar Peter Dinklage playing Bolivar Trask, who invents the Sentinels. You may not want a bunch of giant robots on your tail… but you really don't want Peter Dinklage with a villainous mustache added into the mix.


Go HERE to see a great post and more from other League members.
It seems they have a lot to say about robots themselves. - did his first post for the League on this topic. Go over and give Brother Erik some of your love. He's contributes much to what makes the Cave of Cool so great and I am happy to see him take the leap from research contributor to full time blogger on the League. His knowledge of popular culture and illustration goes deep and I am happy to have him around the Cave. 


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I've got to the LXB site in my feed reader if I want to keep abreast of their new topics. Obviously I can't rely on your lazy bones to keep me informed! Maybe once the robot revolution is complete we will all stick to a schedule!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those are the best arguments for proper grammar and cursive handwriting that I've ever read.

Michael Lynn P. said...

I am so ready for next summer. I shouldn't keep wishing my life away, but I really really want to see Days of Future Past.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

For all the grief I gave you I did manage to finish a post of my own. Whew. So much pop culture to talk about. These posts could get addicting!

GIJigsaw said...

Love all the Sentinel references. Always one of my favorite storylines.