Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alex Ross And The Public Domain Heroes

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All of these characters are in the public domain and for the most part are interchangeable. They were created during that very fertile time just before WWII when costumed hero comic books were all the rage. There are many power repetition and sidekicks aplenty.
These were all re-drawn and colored by Alex Ross who has done much to champion these lost heroes who have drifted into the public domain. He has created many modern comics with these very characters. Some of the less cookie cutter ones could easily support a team book. I would like to research more about these characters but suspect there is not much known because many didn't last more than a half dozen issues, if that.


Konsumterra said...

there are lots of comics using them from alan moore and there was a early 90s series too making a combined world - golden age heroes or something - had nice wrap around covers

Wings1295 said...

Very cool! So many of them!