Saturday, September 6, 2014

Could The Result Have Been Any Different?

I would use a double Lightsaber like Ahsoka Tano and use her reverse grip style of fighting. I find it the easiest to learn style for a weapon as light as a Lightsaber. You don't have to power a light saber with your muscles. You have to use it as much for defence as attack and the reverse grip gives you the best chance to counter off a block and do some damage.

Damn I miss this show. This was my favorite Saturday program for years. I hope Rebels will be just as good though I suspect that one will have to grow on me and be special to take the place of Clone Wars in my heart. But as we all remember Ahsoka lived at the end of Clone Wars and could have survived the death of the Jedi and therefor could show up in Episode VII. Well, if someone loved me she would.


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