Friday, September 5, 2014

Sometimes There Is Good Cosplay And Sometimes There Is GREAT Cosplay

King of the Cosplays! Sean Sumagaysay built his very own Godzilla suit. Visit the link below to see how he designed and built all the individual pieces plus the final product.

Haven't all of us wished we could put in the time to do something really special like this for Halloween. This is an example of legendary cosplay does so right. Check out this link to see how the costume was put together. Thanks to Brother Erik for always looking out for things that I love to post about.

I once tried to do a robot with working lights but all my father and I could accomplish was a refrigerator box with Christmas tree lights. We ditched that and well full speed at a LUKE SKYWALKER costume that just killed at the dance. I looked just like him from Star Wars including a lightsaber made from a bright light and plastic tube. I dance with the girl I was crushing on to a song from GREASE and won the dance contest. That was a good night.

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