Monday, September 15, 2014

The Hunger Games And Battle Royale

I admit to loving the books and consuming them all one weekend a few years before the first film came out. What a stroke of genius to lock in the luminous Jennifer Lawrence as these films progressed. She is such a strong actress that you can be forgiven for believing that Katniss was written with her specifically in mind. I loved the first two movies as well. They are all very good representations of the written word but unique in their own right. Both compliment the other for once and that is the most fun part of the whole Hunger Games experience. I am looking forward to seeing the final part of the story play out before me on the big screen.

I also encourage you to see Battle Royale. It's the Japanese version of a class of school age kids being forced to fight each other to the death. Battle Royale portrays the less glamorous version of the concept. It's an absolute must see but be warned, there can only be ONE survivor in the end and this film takes that plot point really seriously.

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