Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Action Figures I Am On The Hunt For

Barbie Wonder Woman with cape - This is the ONLY figure in my collection that I ever sold to another collector. It bothered me so much to lose this figure that I never sold anything again. I should have just traded her for the great Wonder Woman figures that were offered. 
Since that time I have convinced myself that by selling pieces I am not excited about (and in the process, find a good home for these well cared for treasures) and use those proceeds to invest in some vintage figures that I have chased for a long time. But before that happens, I  need to get this Barbie Wonder Woman back into my hands. There is another WW Barbie but she doesn't have the cape. Once you see the one with the cape, you don't want the non-caped version. That is what I thought back then. This one is great and it displays beautifully. I remember NOT buying it but I can't recall the toy I bought instead.
The sad lesson I learned is that there is room for BOTH version of Wonder Woman in the collection of cool. Ah, the foolishness of youth.

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