Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cold Cuts

Pope Ferdinand called for a relaxing of the rules against gays and gay families. I can hear them mixing the poison in the Vatican from here.

I got TUMBLR back today! Just pigged out on the image scrolling all morning. Finally, everything with my recent computer troubles has been fixed. The universe continues to unfold as it should.

What the hell is CASTLE doing on SPACE?? I know it's because of Nathan Fillion but damn that is quite the stretch for science fiction programming.

If I ever get arrested I am going to hire the guy that does the lie detector tests on Maury. He's got the experience to prove my innocence.

On a side note, thank you Maury for a fun hour of quality hillbilly entertainment. When all three babies from THREE baby mommas look identical, you ARE the father.

Damn this Telenovella needs subtitles. I so want to understand all the crazy.

I wish I had a good reason to make this.

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j-swin said...

There's no poop like the straight poop.