Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cold Cuts

Temple of Al Khazneh at Petra, Jordan, ca. 1900
I have stood here in the noon-day sun.
Then I changed my camel for a horse because of all the substances in this world, the ONLY thing I am allergic to is camel hair. I was nearly blinded by my watering eyes. But some nice guy from India changed me his horse for my camel and I could finally make some speed without feeling like my face was sealing up. That damn camel hair is the main reason I can't become a Middle East nomadic tribal leader. You can't get away from those damn camels around the tents of the Bedouin.

This is an old cover but it represents all that is wrong with Rob Leifeld. Where is he lately? He's the one major comic artist who NEVER got better over time.
Tony Bravo lost in Burma in his soccer uniform while being chased by rebel troops in the jungle? Will Tony get himself out of this one, with the help of a smart ass Burmese kid before he is poisoned by the killer virus? I love this show because I just never know which crazy direction it will go in. I never want it to end but this is episode 12 and most of these new shows only get 13. It's a high tech spy show with a very real hero at it's center. More of you should be watching it. El Rey all day baby.


Monc said...

In all fairness to Rob Liefeld...

(I never thought I would ever write that.)

A few weeks ago, I attended the Mr. Olympia Expo 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was like going to a comic book convention: booth after booth selling merchandise (workout wear, diet supplements, personal training programs, etc), attended by starry-eyed fanboys.

My big takeaway was that there are people who look like Liefeld drawings. There are men with three-foot-wide shoulder-spans and pecs four inches thick. There are women with volleyball-sized breasts and tiny waists.

Dear Rob Liefeld: you are and always will be an awful artist. But, God help us, some people do look like that.

j-swin said...

I saw liefeld's got his own app and he'll even answer questions that are posted...though probably not ones like: "hey rob, why do you suck so hard?"

Debra She Who Seeks said...

So we'll never see that grand epic film "Cal of Arabia" then?

Kal said...

No, unless we set it in the Prairies and we ban all camel hair coats from the set. I only weep openly when the script calls for it. I have to same policy for full frontal nudity as well.

j-swin said...

And action.