Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cold Cuts

I have been looking through my October archives this week to pick out some past classics. So if you sense some history repeating itself, you are not going crazy, you are just getting another chance to admire my taste and genius.

Only Archie panels that I have ever liked.
I can fix stupid.
Matador ended this week with as goofy a finale as I had hoped for. Tony Bravo once again saved the day and dispatched the villain who I know is not so easily killed. I was probably the only person on the planet that watched this show. It was like it was made just for me. NO ONE I communicate with our who sees my stuff has talked to me about this show. Not a single word about MATADOR. I half think I imagined the whole magnificent first season. All the finale did was set us up for a second season when Tony continues the search as to his real identity and what makes him so important to the schemes and aspirations of so many. Once again you humans missed out. I will be hailed as a genius one day because I was the first to sing the praises of this show. Viva Los Matador!!

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