Monday, October 20, 2014

Help A Toy Collecting Brother Out

I need to find someplace that sells action figures out of their comic book and related items store. I tried ONCE to order a toy from Matty Collectibles and the whole process was a nightmare. I have heard many similar stories. I want these new Super Powers figures because they are six inch versions of the pricey originals from the 80s but I don't want the hassle of dealing with Mattel online.
Since my toy store closed in Montreal I need someplace new to work with. I want a place in Canada that will hold my purchases until they can fill a box which should be shipped for under ten dollars, just like I am used to. I want a place that sells Funko and all the other modern figures like these Super Powers reproductions. I want to be able to shop for them on their website which shows them in full color. If I can find such a place they will get all the money I usually spend at retail - a place were I find nothing that I want.
Please, if you can recommend such a place, let me know. I would also love to meet a guy who runs a vintage toy store so that I can hunt for some older toys, those no longer on shelves.


Timothy S. Brannan said...

My local place is Keith's Komix:
They do care a lot of figures, but I am not sure if they do mail order.

I have used House of Fun in the past to find some rarer items.
They were great to deal with.

Here is my post on using them:

Timothy S. Brannan said...

A another good local place to me (that also ships) is Quake Collectibles.

They have all the harder to find stuff or can get it. The owner is always on the phone shipping something to customers. Plus I like them to get the business.

Kal said...

Thanks buddy. I will check all of those out.

Bob/Sally said...

I've never bought from them online, but Neutral Zone has always been my local store of choice. Good guys who know their stuff.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Did you know that has a toys and games section? They carry some Funko stuff. And if you order enough, you can get free shipping!

Kal said...

Yeh, I can always go to Amazon but I wanted a more personal relationship.

Mike D. said...

There is an action figure store in my area. I will e mail you the info tomorrow