Monday, June 15, 2015

Juassic World (2015)

If there is one thing I remember about the first Jurassic Park is that it put my butthole in a permanent pucker state. This movie gave me the exact same feeling but in an even better way. The film is full of interesting characters that are easy to care about and all manner of dinosaur thrills to put them in mortal danger.

I was someone who thought we didn't need a new reboots like Jurassic World. The original was fine. As was Robocop, Total Recall and any of the other remakes that circled the toilet the moment they were released. This movie wisely sets the story in the same world as the original but tells it's own 'dinosaurs gone crazy' tale. Apparently after he first 'incident' the creators of the theme park were able to draw people back to see their beloved dinosaurs.

One of the characters remarks how people need bigger and better and more teeth to keep them interested. In a world were people are this jaded by seeing and interacting with actual DINOSAURS, they deserve what is about to happen to them.

I still love that shot of ripples in water as we hear the stomping of the big dinosaur get closer. It's so iconic. And this time they have a genetically modified super killer dinosaur that can camouflage herself when necessary to contend with. She is a nasty piece of work who doesn't kill to eat. She just likes to chew into things until they are dead.

The sense of wonder is still intact despite there being less scenes of the friendly plant eating dinosaurs. This film is dominated by the predators.

I loved those gyro pods that allow patrons to really get up and get personal with the creatures on the island. Of course they are the perfect 'hamster balls' for the dinosaur to chase like a cat goes after a mouse but they would be awesome to drive in real life. Why can't I buy this at Canadian Tire.

This movie tries to hit the right buttons when it comes to educating people that animals are living things and not attractions. I know zoos do a lot of good work with animal conservation but I always hated seeing the animals being in cages. I hate circuses even more. So I feel bad for dead animal and people who get killed for no reason in movies like this. I also love it when hubris catches up to those whose bad karma has earned them a gruesome death. You will know these characters the minute you meet them and this movie doesn't let them off the hook - especially one very neglectful babysitter.

Just when you think everything is going to go smooth and easy, the Pteranodons hit the skies and start plucking up park goers like so many fat corndogs. This is how you can tell the foreign tourists from the American ones at this park. The Americans are too heavy for the Pteranodon to take away. But toddlers are easy pickins. When this park has a bad day it has a really bad day.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are both very good in this. I can totally see him as the next Indiana Jones. He is just so likeable and you know that he is going to save the day. She was more brave and spunky than she had any right to be and she did it all while looking good. Redhead AND bangs. Bitch please. She was also genetically designed for me to love her.

I could see the video game for this movie developing in many of the action sequences. There are lots of opportunity to shoot at things and run for your lives.

But things really kick into high gear when Chris Pratt and his trained velociraptors have to hunt down the huge genetic mutation that is hunting only for the sport of it. Those scenes pay off in the way I hoped they would. They are especially fun to watch in 3D.
This leads me to my only complaint and this is something that bothers me about all movies in 3D. In order for the process to work (I guess) everything has to be done in the dark. There were several times when I couldn't tell which of the Mega dinosaurs that I was suppose to be rooting for and their battle was chaotic when it should have been majestic.
This one is nearly critic proof. It could have been terrible and still it would make a gazillion dollars. Nothing new here but I liked the way the story just clipped along without much time for one to catch one's breath. That is the way a Jurassic Park movie should be and this one delivered some solid entertainment.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jurassic Park scared the bejesus right out of me. I won't be going to Jurassic World.

Cora said...

We will be seeing it this weekend. Can't wait!

Michael Lynn P. said...

I really enjoyed it. I went in with such low expectations but it turned out to be a really good movie. It had nice nods to the original while also introducing new characters and new reasons to love this franchise. I was thrilled. You also wrote a really nice review! I enjoyed it a lot.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you. You didn't have to say that but I appreciate that you did. I enjoyed I a lot too. Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones.