Saturday, June 10, 2017

Another Comic That Should Go In The Shredder

Let's all look at these pages from Liefeld's latest 'contribution' to Deadpool's canon and for the 4 dollar price you get 2O+ pages where each page is lucky to contain 4 panels if that. So cut the value of this comic in half because Liefeld's only doing half the work as usual. The anatomy is slightly better than we are used to but there are still NO backgrounds and characters are rarely shown with feet, which we know Liefeld can't draw. The action scenes show no flow and are just snapshots from what should be a larger story. 100 pages of crap by a hack with no instinct for sequential storytelling. You couldn't pay me to read this, let alone buy it and you are a fool if you think you will find any enjoyment from this waste of paper yourself.
However, Deadpool is still going strong in the realm where he originated: comics. Today, Marvel released an original graphic novel titled Deadpool: Bad Blood, written by Rob Liefeld, Chad Bowers, and Chris Sims, with Liefeld doing the art. This 100-page book introduces a new villain, Thumper. "In terms of Deadpool having a nemesis, he has a borrowed group of bad guys. They belong to other characters," Liefeld explained to GameSpot. "He's short on his own rogues gallery. Those uniquely Deadpool. I figured let's give him a menace and nemesis that is unique to him and over the course of the story, you'll see Thumper has touched X-Force somewhat and Deadpool and Domino."

THUMPER? Was Bambi already taken? It's like Cable who could have been called Wall Plug for all the name has to do with his character or power set.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"THUMPER? Was Bambi already taken?" -- hahahahahahaha!