Monday, June 12, 2017

Friends Were Saying They Had Bad Days. I Had To Respond In The Only Way I Could. With A Psychotic "Rant.

Calvin Heighton I got you all beat. I was alone in my house, with no plans, no appointments, no one wanting to call me and no where to go except online for amusement. I got you all beat. And I have to do that day after day after day. My life is a sick Cold War project in isolation and digital connection currently in orbit around the moon. That so if anyone want's to fuck with me they have to put in some effort.. Then the Cold War ended. But the program continued and the supply ships kept coming. Each time with someone new or revolutionary that promised to change my life. Some I looked at. Most I didn't because I had to figure out how to formulate my computer experience so I got all my myriad of interests funnels to me on a daily basis. So I have the information. I live the information I am so diappointed in how you Hillbillies and your Robber Baron of a President is part of my daily news. Can't believe something scary that YOU ALL CAN FUCKING SEE - JUST LIKE THE GERMAN PEOPLE SAW IN 1932 and it's just the same. Only without social media, twitter and satellite TV. But they didn't all fall in line with the Furher. They just stayed quiet to be safe and just go along.Then something big will happen. After 911 part 2 happens, suddenly police in riot gear and driving tanks are in every city of color. In a country awash with gun I hope some you choose to resist - BUT ONLY WHEN WE ALL FUCKING AGREE IT'S THE TIME FOR YOUR FIREARMS bullshit. I choose to defend myself much like Zorro did. Plus a tazer of course. I may be gun avoidant but I want to be able to subdue an asshole if he goes off his nut. So no guns until and ONLY until, the idiot Trump declares himself President For Life. And then Canada and Mexico have to get involved just to put the shit right. With your help of course. We will need your technical schematics and local knowledge to take back the country - no, THE CONTINENT back, one small piece at a time.
 And I say all this with Peace and Love.
Someone take the shot.
Please. If it helps. I call SCORPION!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You give good psychotic rant, man.

DrGoat said...

I agree. And there are a lot of us here in Arizona (and other places) who grew up with firearms that are not insane or willfully ignorant. I'll be contacting you via the Batphone and we'll set things right. Or at least make it a great show with a very dramatic ending.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

We will swoop into the rose garden on bat wings.