Monday, September 4, 2017

It's An Abomination Unto The Lord

No Live PD until October. This show needs no changes or 'tweeking'. This is why Fonzie jumped the shark back in the day- too much meddling from corporate. Live PD is perfect for what it is. For decades I would get only a taste of the cool and bizarre parts about being a cop. But the show was never on long enough for me to be totally engage. Then LIVE PD comes along and SUPERSIZES the concept of COPS. I didn't dame to dream that such a thing was every possible. I also love that A&E are ruling their times slot and all the key demographics love the show. A&E has a huge hit on their hands. It's stay at home appointment TV. So with my show, I will try not to get the shakes
No Live PD until October. Wtf?? This show needs no changes or upgrades or 'tweeking'. This is why Fonzie jumped the shark back in the day- too much meddling from corporate.

You might think you are a pretty tough guy Mr. Basic Cable Producer but I will stalk you and make you eat your own feet. I will cook them for you first, of course but I will not remove them from your legs first. I will do you Hannibal Lector style for the simple reason - rudeness.

LIVE PD makes COPS look like a preview for next week's episode of COPS. A half hour show like COPS gets dwarfed by sheer size and ambition of li It's the SUPERSIZD version of one of my all time favorite shows. For more than three decades COPS showed a week's worth of doing the job filming and edited down to 19 minutes showing the best of the best. In that form I loved the show and have watched every single episode. But COPS was not a live show. 

The someone at A&E got the brilliant idea that lonely shut in like myself have nowhere else to be and no where else to go Friday and Saturday evening. It could have been something lurid and exploitative but the show is fascinating insight into the difficult jobs cops do every day.

But not to the fine cops or Dan Abramms who finally got the stink of doing OJ EVERY damn day. A&E took what worked with COPS and just supercharged it and send the cameras for the entire 2 hour 20 minute running people could see what regular street cops deal with on a daily basis and how difficult and noble the best of them are. I like when the cops we see every week get their chance in the studio as a guest to give their commentary. They start like deer caught in the headlights but are naturals and great story tellers by the end of the weekend. Watch how these guys save lives and diffuse tense situation after they just watched a kid die after the car she was in was hit by a drunk driver. It's a job that takes a very special person to do. They are the THIN BLUE LINE and we need the police more than we need them to be our enemies.

I like how a simple stop leads to my favorite thing to see on the show. - driving drunk, without a license, stolen car, with large amount of drugs in the car and there is an unregistered handgun which for that parolee will mean a return to the Big House. Tom Morris calls that DRIVING DIRTY and there is even a LIVE PD bingo card to allow the viewers to follow along.


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