Monday, September 11, 2017

My Thoughts About The Movie - "It".

Omg. Another evil clown loving freak on my feed. All things involving evil clowns or octopus are VERBOTTEN. Bad Ju Ju. I don't do the OUIJA for the same reason. But to put myself through 2 hours of a scary clown who actually does kill people. Little people. I don't need that kind of horror in my mind. Stupid clowns. All of them are diseased and need to be eradicated forever. They bring no joy to anyone and never have.

I read every one of the big early books that Steven King wrote. My Mom got in the habit of buying me these anthologies of two of his books together so I got into them. Good beginnings and set ups. Middle can be a bit of a slog but the endings are usually fantastic and surprise me. Evil gets defeated by good or love or faith or trust or just because.  I even enjoyed many of the movies of his films like Carrie, Cujo, Christine, Salem's Lot, Deadzone, Firestarter, Thinner, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, and finally Pet Sematary  (but NEVER Maximum Overdrive because that was just a bad rip off of the greatest movie about an evil piece of construction equipment - KILLDOZER).

It was a comic book and a movie. I kissed a girl for the first time watching that movie. Frankly I was more into the movie before that kiss. Afterwards I just hoped that they would repeat the movie at a later date so I could see how it ended.
But back to the clowns. The dirty, filthy clowns and Steven King.

But I stopped reading him when IT first came out. Everyone around me was reading it. Then they did a TV mini-series. So for a good five years I was surrounded by people who like books about killer clowns. I will tolerate most things but I draw the lines at clowns. They are diseased humans travelling with other diseased people and animals spreading mirth with the sincerity of a long time street whore.
Nothing a clown has done has ever been funny. They ALL are killers in face paint. The costume just emboldens them to kill as many as they can before they get caught or they run out of kids at the birthday party. Face paint outside of Oct 31 and entertainment should be outlawed and the scofflaws need to be shot on sight.  And would it kill you to wash the costume every five years or so. Unless you can tell a good joke or do a nice piece of magic or even a mistake free juggling routine you are dead to me. Balloon animals will get you two bullets in the head because they insult my intelligence. I could do that stupid little dog balloon animal the FIRST time I saw someone else do it but you show it to me like you just made magic. Fuck you clown. If you can't do better than that and want to be outside dressed as a clown then expect it to cost you your miserable freak life.

Oh and I don't cut any slack to people who will go see this movie in a public theatre with probably more than a dozen people that will be dressed as clowns and scattered throughout the audience. Just saying. Bring your children and save twenty dollars for a babysitter. You are all going to die. GAH!

Stupid clowns. I just want to kill all the clowns.

Don't worry about it Krusty. That wasn't meant for you. You are not a clown. You are a SHOWMAN!


DrGoat said...

Really liked The Stand, that mini series on TV. Great stuff.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I felt the same for Salem's Lot.

DrGoat said...