Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Recorded My First Posh Posh In A Few Months

Just did a kickass podcast for Geek Fallout that will be out Wednesday so give it a listen. Me and Chris Lockhart ramble thought some great Geek conversation on all kind of different tops. We have not done a podcast for months so we had much to talk about.
We make gold and in the next little while I will be asking fellow travellers on my feed to maybe join us for a show or two if they have somethng to say about the topic of the week.
These people will be ones who I know have knowledge and personality that will serve and enrich our efforts. I hope some of my best Facebook friends will step up to help me out. See I believe I chased all the old Geek Fallout gang way because I am TOXIC to other humans. All My life I have been so its not such a huge surprised when I see it manifest itself.
We are pretty loosy goosy here on the Posh Posh and if you can put up with my style after hearing one of our podcast then you will be fine I like to think learned from Howard Stern how not to allow any dead air. I hope I don't really interrupt as much as I think I do. I just have questions that need to be asked to stear the conversation and answer questions that I have because I need to understand what is really going on and gathering information is my twisted way of doing that.
New episode of The Geek Fallout Show podcast will be up Wednesday night! Chris & Cal are talking Elvis, Skarsgards, IT, and much randomness! Also why Valarian might be the world movie that Calvin has ever seen.

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