Monday, September 11, 2017

The Orville

I didn't mind this one at all. There are a hundred ways that any show can fail and those reasons only increase exponentially when that show is trying to be an hour long Star Trek kind of dramady. Lots of pressure there to keep all the various elements balanced and I thought they did a good job in the pilot. Yes, it's very much like Galaxy Quest in space but we all know that Galaxy Quest should have been a TV series a long time ago so this is appreciated.

The acting is solid, the joke inoffensive and the special effects are interesting to watch. I like the characters too. Especially the robot guy from a planet that is 'notoriously racist'. I just have to see how that plays out.

The story moves quickly and the action is fun.

Seth always makes me laugh too. I get his humor. I also like space shows. So this one would have to be a steaming pile of poop for me to hate it and it wasn't so I didn't.

I did enjoy the hour long format. The ability to build relationships turns this one into a hybrid of serious and comic and that is a fresh approach in this genre. I have high hopes for this one to survive it's first season.

Oh and Norm McDonald as the voice of the ball of goop is Emmy bait. And I think that young female security officer is very cute.

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