Saturday, December 2, 2017

DC Crisis On Earth X

If I can get past the goofy and weak even for TV effects I think I might actually make it to the end of DC - Crisis On Earth X that combines the four CW shows into one huge story involving the evil Earth X where the Nazis won the war with the help of the heroes. Because none of this really exists people can die or do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

This is just the kind of show that I would have lost my mind over as teen age comic book liver. I knew all the stories and all the actors and all their powers and I am sure my patience for lazy effects, acting and story telling was much better back then. However, now this production which feel more like a lazy community college film project.

I still blame the many bad actors and the bad writing that really gives them little interesting to do and have them dispensing lines that could have came straight from this month's Archie and Jughead comic.

Unfortunately because of all the episodes that these superhero shows produce I have totally tuned out of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. It's too much filler and not enough action. I have hopes that this short story arc will reverse that trend and just give me the TV heroics that I want from these properties. There are nearly a dozen heroes in operation here so something good has to come of the effort. Right?

I did just see a lesbian kiss. I did didn't I? That shows some promise.

This whole thing is earnest with acting on the level of high school drama class. I never realized how cringe worthy much of this stuff was. All the wedding stuff is painful to watch. Again, the level of high school from comic book characters I wish were more sophisticated than this. But we are playing down to the least common denominator. All this talk of wedding and love means that the bad guys turned bad because they LOST their loves. Watch. I can see the ending coming from a mile away and then some.

The effects are weak but for TV that's not a bad thing. It just isn't anything that impresses me so much that I want to go back to see all the episodes of these four programs that I have missed if this is the level of storytelling and writing I can expect. It really is nothing but exposition. Good for someone wanting to catch up but bad for anyone who hoped for more than all the earnestness. YOU ARE SUPERGIRL...stop bitching to all your friends that you have no boyfriend. GAH! I want to shoot myself.

Okay. I am 25 minutes into this balloon juice and I feel like I am watching one of those CW teen romance shows. Make with the superheroics will ya?? Either that or hand me a barf bag. The acting is so bad. Have I mentioned that? Wow, this is garbage and I might not make it to the end of the 2:45:59 time limit.
The fighting is so slow and overly choreographed that I don't believe for a second that many of the good guys are actually beating up trained soldiers. That is just poor editing because other times I believed the illusion. It's just extremely uneven and you have to pay more attention to these little things if you want to do this kind of genre programming right. You can't get lazy about the super heroics or you destroy belief in the world you are trying to create.
Damn - Three more parts. Pray for me.

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