Thursday, May 10, 2018

Having Something To Look Forward To Makes Life Worth Living My Dad Used To Say

One more pin code and I can get me a pair of Infinity War socks. How is that for a cool project for this recluse? Now I am excited about a trip to the Walmart. I need something to do with my day that gets me out of the house. Well I also walk the same route everyday. I record my times hoping one day I will be able to run the whol distance. Nothing crazy. Just around the block. So I have that and my quest to find a few other POST cereals that are part of this promotion so that I can get the prize for FREE. When do you ever see SOCKS offered? - SUPERHERO SOCKS??  I know they are made by orphan Chinese labor but I can't let that keep me from my socks. WHAT? I can't fix the whole world.  If you happen to find another Post cereal pin number that is part of this SOCK mail-a-way then share it with a brother and lets see what I get in the mail.
Can you believe that you can get socks through your breakfast cereal?? Yes, the dream is real.
Who says I am not living the life of a royal.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your last line made me laugh out loud. Why the hell didn't you just buy 2 boxes of cereal so you could get the sox right away? It's not like that second box is going to go bad while you eat the first.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I didn't notice the promotion until I got home. I just noticed honeycombs and wanted honeycombs.