Thursday, August 9, 2018

“Black Panther” Doesn’t Need the Oscars; The Oscars Need “Black Panther”

This is a great article about the recent announcement that the Oscars will FINALLY include a catagory for movies that people actually go to see. I have been bitching about this since Star Wars lost out on best picture when I was 12 to Annie Hall (??). Every year I see movies that I loved be totally ignored in favor of films that have had ZERO impact on my life. I am sure I could come up with examples (English Patient, Chariots of Fire) if I thought more about it but I thought this article says it better than I ever could. Worth a read.

You don’t need a Best Popular Film category. FOH. Ten films in one category for Best Picture is enough. The Oscars is not the Emmy’s and no one has time for that. Chill. Are you mad that BP is still in theatres, still making money on home video and theatres?? Stay mad. Titanic made tons of money and won Best Picture that year. You might as well call that film “White Iceberg.”

“Star Wars: A New Hope” was nominated for Best Director and Best Picture, amongst technical things that it actually would deserve. We all love, if not just respect “Star Wars: A New Hope” as the beginnings a grand mythology, but as film  ….eh. Just as many popular films before and after A New Hope, films that merge the mainstream with cinematic artistry have a tradition of being honored in spite of their flaws, and as testimony to their cultural impact. The cultural, economic, and social impacts of “Black Panther” have not yet even settled as the film continues to play in cinemas around the world after working on Feb 14, 2018. The box office total to date is $1.37 billion and counting, with an additional $67 Million from Home Video sales since May.

Damn, I think I need to watch this one again.

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