Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Kraven's Last Hunt

There was some great work done with Spider-Man in the 80s right before every hero, (but Spidey) went all 'dark and gritty'. Kraven's Last Hunt was the darkest of Spider-Man stories that forcused on a villain who was losing touch with reality and finally snapped and murdered his long time foe and buried him in an unmarked grave. Then out of guilt, he took over as a new Spider-Man but even that didn't bring him peace like he thought the final defeat of his enemy would. It's sad and disturbing and you will never forget it. I won't tell you the ending to the story but suffice to say you will not see it coming because characters just don't make the decisions Kraven did to end the madness he was engulfed in.

I always believed that Kraven The Hunter would be a great movie villain because he is the ultimate hunter who is cunning and dangerous and totally driven to destroy the latest object of his obsession with 'the hunt'. His motivations make sense and that would make him a very effective foil.

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