Monday, September 3, 2018

I Am A Mighty Toy Collector But I Have NO Dune Toys

I have added these toys to my 'hunt' list. It always bothered me that they got by me especially since I loved the movie and the book so much. I have a lot of Dune stuff in my collection but strangely, no toys.


It's a big hole in my collection. I loves me some DUNE like no man alive and I should have ALL this stuff both loose and carded but I have never come across them in the wild and I don't deal with poachers. It's a weird thing.


Stu Ordana said...

Big fan of the Dune movie too. I did not know any of these things existed either. I have a feeling the Sandworm is not being used as a toy, well, more like a sex toy. I would only get that one sealed in its original box. haha See what I did there.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I saw what you did there, FREAK! That movie got me to read the book and that almost never happens. Yeh, they made Dune sex toys alright.