Friday, September 14, 2018

My Law Enforcement Hero - Shawn 'Sticks' Larkin from LIVE PD.

Great guy, great cop and part of the greatest analysis team in the police business. They see it live and they educate while remembering that it's okay to laugh at the guy busted wearing lingerie and had meth and a bag of old dildos in his car. Then he had no license or registration. AND was wanted on a suspected double homicide. That was the best stop ever and the term RIDING DIRTY hardly applies. The boys at LIVE PD had to be stopped after ten minutes because they couldn't  stop counting all the crimes they could change this suspect with. It was one of the best things I ever saw on TV and remember. I watched the first season of True Detective AND Matador.
So even though I am hurting by two MORE weekends until LIVE PD is back live, I thank you brave boys who always remind me of all the reasons I loves me the police officers. I love the guys and the girls equally. I love their people skills and their patience and I admire their bravery in a dangerous world. The Job and the effort has my respect and should have your respect as well. If you did the math on all the cop involved shooting vs the contacts where no one was shot you would see a totally different number. I want to see all the bad cops gone, drummed down to mall security but I want the good cops to be rewarded by YOUR RESPECT. Staying respectful and not running your mouth is your best chance for a warning if you have done something you deserved to be stop for. And tell your girl to shut her trap because all her bitching WILL get you thrown into jail and maybe her as well. But YOU for sure because you dated this maniac. But I digress.
The cops they feature on this show come from all over the country but universally they are FAIR, KIND, FORGIVING, GENEROUS and HONEST with the people they make contact with. They just want to resolve the dispute that brought them there to the best of their abilities and move to the next disturbance. Then the next one. No two situations are ever the same. Plus a majority of these involved frequent flyers who are always encountering law enforcement.
Many of those fine citizens will complain about their treatment but in the end we find that many of them are ridding dirty and should not be on the road in the first place. How are THEY the victims? I have never seen a cop of this show escalate a situation that had not been escalated by the suspect first. Not a one. Even guys who lead them on chases are treated with respect. We need to support them if only for the job they do, the risk they take and the fear they carry because if they make a mistake and are kill on the job they are leaving their family without a son, a brother or a husband. So if you are looking for heroes. These are not a bad group to choose from. You can have many heros in your life. Someone you know or have read about must inspire you. Find the real heroes around you and exalt them. And try to learn something about people while you are at it.
Or I will see YOU on LIVE PD.
I tried to write a letter to LIVE PD. Yes it was a fan letter but it was an awesome fan letter but after a half hour of searching I find that there is NO WHERE on this freakin' internet to deliver my compliments to. On no part of their many offical pages can you see a way to get something to someone on the show. I don't do twitter so don't even go there.

No one even cares at LIVE PD Corporate offices. It's all about the shot for them. Who cares about the little shut-in fans of their product. Worse yet, I am a CANADIAN. They don't WANT to here of all the things I love about LIVE PD only because of the source of that praise.

Thanks for nothing Live PD. I won't even chare my letter here because you will only moke it back at corporate when it finds you.

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