Friday, September 14, 2018

The Predator (2018)

Some movie are worth colluding with the Russian Mob to see early and this is such a movie. Since the first Predator I have been a fan of the franchise no matter how goofy some of the later ones got. I still loved them all. Will this one be a worthy member of that collection? Let's see. The trailer certainly promises great things.

The crash landing of the predator ship is done so well as is the whole story which moves at breakneck speed as a team of American soldiers just happen to be where the ship crashes while on another mission. But as usual, nothing is what it seems and there are people on Earth who have been expecting this Predator to arrive for a long time.

Then of course we get the kid with Asbergers who hates loud noises but shows his genius in fascinating ways. It's little touches like this that makes the script better and connect everything into one solid story which can also be hysterically funny. The action is solid and everyone is game to do a film that never needed to be rebooted but I am happy they did for the visceral fun of it all.

Olivia Mund is great in anything and the story uses her well as the fish out of water. We get all the background story we need through her. She is a badass and they give her funny lines and Mund can deliver on everything that the movie asks her to do.

Of course the busload of military misfits off to military prison will be right in the middle of the shit when they are needed to do battle with the Predator when he wakes up from sedation in the super secret lab that they have him in. I do loves me some tight plotting when telling a story.

Even the way the one Predator found the other Predator is interesting and fun.

This one also doesn't shy away from the violence either. It's as bloodthirsty as it needs to be and then some. Not for the toddler in your family. But for the rest it's an intense battle to the death for all involved but that is why we love this franchise.

Predators are like sports hunters and some people like to hunt with dogs. Yes, there are Predator Dogs. Even though it's one against many, the relatively bulletproof Predator has all the advantage. How do you stop a creature like that?

The cast is fantastic and we get the chance to actually know them before they too die a grizzly death. I actually appreciated that. It's probably the reason they were able to cast guys as solid as Thomas Jane and Keegan Michael Key. Those two have an awesome relationship and I am glad their parts were written as they were.
I know this one took a beating on Rotten Tomatoes but I enjoyed it for what it was - a good old fashion goofy man vs monster movie that didn't bore me for one single second.


Rob R said...

I look forward to seeing this!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It was good if you don't think too much but the things that are goofy about it are fun to talk with other people about. It's like everyone is in on the joke.