Thursday, January 3, 2019

Concept Art: The Live Action Movie Batmobile – Designed By H.R. Giger

I readily admit that my all time favorite comic book hero is Batman and my all time favorite sci – fi artist is H.R. Giger, aside from being a unique talent unto his own, he’s also responsible for the look of the Alien movies as well as the upcoming, Prometheus which is rumored to be a prequel of sorts to the Alien franchise. So imagine my geek delight when I learned that when Joel Schumacher began working on Batman Forever, he gave Giger the first shot at redesigning the Batmoblie for the film.
What seemed like a great idea at the time, resulted in a vehicle that would be more at home in one of Giger’s classic “techo – organic” landscapes than in a movie featuring The Dark Knight.

His unique “X” shaped design was to include articulated front legs/mandibles, retractable fins, and gatling gun emplacements on each of the four pods on the sides of the vehicle. The design also combined side and forward intake ports with organic spines and a central pod connecting the four legs.

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Jimbo said...

Awesome design. Very shellfish like and, of course, classic Eiger background