Sunday, January 6, 2019

Faith Can Be A Powerful Thing

A great grandmother has been praying to a Lord of the Rings figure thinking it was Saint Anthony

A great grandmother has accidentally been praying to a Lord of the Rings figure, thinking it was Saint Anthony. The discovery was made by a woman whose daughter's great grandmother prays to the figurine each day. Upon inspection, however, the woman, who lives in Brazil, realised that the figurine was of Elrond, an elf from Lord of the Rings, and not Saint Anothony.

Why tell her? That was my question. And idol is an idol and if she believes that Elrod IS St Anthony he IS. That is the magic of faith. Too bad for me that belief in things I can't see or touch or have a conversation with is just something I cannot do. I need proof. I need truth and truth comes from Science, not fables. They are cute lessons that easily teach kids ethical lessons that they need to hear but let it stop there. There is a time to grow up and question the very co...nstruct of the world you live in and in all my travels and readings and watching I have never seen anything magical or supernatural or godly. No Loch Ness Monster. No Moth Man. No Yeti. Not one single angel or demon that did anything to alter the course of life on this world. The truth breaks my heart still. If you believe I know it gives you comfort. I wish I could have that kind of peace. But I love my own suffering too much.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Was she getting good results with Elrond? Maybe she should stick with him.

DrGoat said...

Elrond is just as valid if you need to pray to something. I pray to the two cactus wrens that live around our house. They seem to be in the know.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Whatever works for you is what I say. I prayed to the chicken wishbone until I lost then I knew faith was a sucker's game.

DrGoat said...

Ah, but you haven't lived until you've had some Lucky Wishbone chicken here in Tucson. Opened in 1961 I think, and still my favorite chicken place. Extra crispy please.