Saturday, January 12, 2019

I Will Never Escape This Gypsy Curse

So I Married My Ex-Babysitter - damn you gypsy. Everytime I think I am OUT, you illiterates pull me back in. Everytime I watch these episodes I see how brainwashed this cult of travelling caravans truly is and how proud everyone is to be so damn stupid.


The boys are all untrustworlthy and the girls are kept stupid on purpose. Very few get more education than Grade Seven. Then they get married to a similar undereducated boy. Usually there is a party where the girl dresses like a teen stripper and shows her works but it totall hands off for the gypsy boys that come by to check out this virgin retard. If she makes the cut and is determined not to be a 'dirty girl' then she will most certainly be scooped up and driven way that night in another motor home which is the REAL business Gypsy should be in because everyone lives in a house that can leave quickly in the middle of the night. T
The girls do all the cleaning and cooking and baby raising. They are not allowed to drink. They don't speak back to their men or allow their children to aspire to be something other than an inbred thug/pole dancer depending of the sex of the child. I wish I could show you the shit they gave one girl who wanted to be a NURSE of all things. So they decorated a Chuck E Cheese with shit from the dollar store and danced like whores and her Momma, who was MOST against her daughter shaming the family by getting an education, brought in a boy who looked like a horse kicked him in the head to propose to her. I was insulted that this accidental retard was as good as her daughter deserved for being so smart and for knowing HOW to read.
But 99% of these future tacky brides are quite happy to never learn algebra and be brides YEARS before they can have a decent slutty bachelorette party with her best girlfriends. None of the time honored pre-wedding events for them. For the boys, of course, it's just the opposite.
Then, right on cue is Sandra Celli, the demon dressmaker who has a gift for convincing dumbass teen girls that have not yet finished JUNIOR HIGH that they WANT to wear one of her abominable creations. And Sanda is the ONLY one any self respecting gypsy teen can accept a bad dress from. It makes me crazy to watch this con take place before my eyes. Not a SINGLE girl EVER hates her dress. They are all ovewhelmed by this garbage that would be laughed off Project Dumbass, the Slovenia version of Project Runway. Now who shows up and with her team proceeds to make a bad prom dress even worse with the addition of tackiness in the form of glass crystals and anything that can be beddazzled or twisted into a dollar store crown.



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