Wednesday, January 2, 2019

If I Was A Parent Of A Toddler...

I would lie and lie and lie until he/she was smart enough to prove that I was wrong the whole time. Make your arguement kid. I will listen and give you a fair hearing. But if your evidence is weak I would humiliate you with bitting humor and then send you back to do more research. I would rather you felt bad for an afternoon than live your entire life as a dumbass.

And when it comes to the TALK, I will be taking on that job. Someone needs to prevent another teenager from being forced to read the garbage that is Moby Dick. Tell you what.? I will look up the You Tube videos and websites that the child will need to fake that she read the book and understood so well that you could teach it at college. And if she has smart friends I will make sure they are enrolled in my class as well so that I can save even more humans from reading one word of Moby Dick.

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