Monday, January 7, 2019

​Rami Malek Scoops Up Best Actor Award At Golden Globes

I am very very happy to hear this news. Rami killed it and made me believe every second of his performance. I am such a huge long time fan of Freddy Mercury that Rami could, in reality, only let me down. Instead, he thrilled me and reminded me that I was 100 % correct when I hitched my wagon to the star that was Freddy Mercury. Freddy was magic and I knew that from the very first time I heard a Queen song that he was going to become one of the immortals. Bohemian Rhapsody brilliantly proved me right and magnificently illustrates why that LIVE AID set was, perhaps, the greatest live set in music history. I saw it live back in the day and this film transports me directly to the moment I remember so well. That is a gift to me.
Now they just announced that Bohemian Rhapsody has won Best Picture which makes it a serious contender for the Oscar which of course I still want to go to Black Panther. I bet A Star Is Born and Black Panther cancelled each other out. No shame to the losers. You got beat by an equally great movie. Seriously, go see this movie if you have let it pass you by. If you are around my age the soundtrack will fill you will all the best memories of your teen years which these great songs are intimately attached to.
I am happy for the whole band because the film also won the Golden Globe for BEST PICTURE. If it couldn't be Black Panther I am thrilled it's Bohemian Rhapsody which I want everyone to see. It's brilliant and sweet and triumphant. Rarely does one get to see his hero immortalized like this film does. Given the sordid subject matter that could have been the focus, they filmmakers chose to focus on the human being behind the lifestyle and disease and how his genius was greater than his faults and fears. I am so proud of everyone who got this movie made.

Tonight I also learned something else involving Queen and my beloved Lady Gaga. I don't care if this factoid is fake news. I choose to believe because it makes my world better TO believe.

I would die to be the third at a long lunch between these two when we are all snowed in at some mountain hotel which has a grand piano and Brian, of course, has his guitar in the bus. I would be the one singing of course. What? I have the voice of an angel. I could make grown men cry with my vocals.

To get into the role, not only did Malek get himself a set of fake front teeth (telling Vanity Fair that they 'took some time getting used to'), he also watched Mercury's 1985 Live Aid Performance over 1,500 times on YouTube to get the scene absolutely spot-on.
And he nailed it; every hand gesture, step, head movement and even the pursing of his lips matches up perfectly with Mercury's during the sequence. To be honest, he could have won the Golden Globe for that alone.
Malek arrived on the red carpet earlier this evening with Queen guitarist Brian May, who he was also sat alongside throughout the ceremony - and who's already been busy singing his praises.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

The story about Lady Gaga taking her name from Queen's "Radio Ga-Ga" song is true. I read an interview with her years ago where she said that.