Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Tru Dat

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

I am living proof of that. There can be no comedy without childhood trauma and no creativity without taking crazy risks. Every failure just teaches you how best to refine your artistic approach. I believe that everyone does their own kind of art in their own way. There is art and beauty in the magic of ordinary things. Being insane has a way of keeping you on task where your passions are concerned. This blog, my conversations with myself and others are what really gives me a reason to live. If I was more stable I would be so much less interesting.

Actual Conversation With A Shirtless Suspect On COPS

"I never did nuttin' wrong, Sir."

"Hell ya you did. You nearly wrecked while driving all around, drunker than Cooter Brown. You stumbled off your feet when you got outcha truck"

"I am not used to these shoes, Sir."

"You mean those ATHLETIC tennis shoes you got on there? Okay, are their any guns, knives, drugs, bombs, weapons, hand grenades or open beverages in the truck?"



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