Friday, January 11, 2019

Trump Dump

One year ago I wrote this and it's only gotten worse since then.
Where is the one person with enough clout and enough character to take on the idiot trump in public. I am tired of this hump feeling untouchable. After today's awesome display of xenophobia and ignorance I don't know why everyone is so afraid to feed him his ass on a nightly basis. I know people play around with him but I am talking someone who fucks with his pea brain so much that he has the kind of meltdown that will become a 'where where you when trump lost his nut?' momentt that everyone remembers where they were when they first saw it - like 911 or the low speed chase. It's not just the more blatant ways he is enriching himself at the cost of every American and giving them nothing of value for their investment in this illiterate maggot. I wonder if someone has the guts. I wish Obama would get some things off the country's and the world's chest in only the way he can. I want to feel like I have some hope but no one powerful enough is coming to our rescue. They all have already got their's or are in the process of looting what they can from the new Tax CUT. I am not even one of these hillbillies but I can't do three more years with this fool. I can't. I won't. I must continue to believe that the Universe is unfolding as it should and a Karma storm of Biblical proportions is coming for them all. Dumbass donald, dumber ass don jr. Dumbest ass Eric. Retarded enabler who could be the most clueless one of them all, Ivanka and all the enables who are falling one by one. Can the Devil's succubus Kelly Anne be far behind? Can you imagine how bad that Tiffany daughter must be for her never to get any coverage? And Baron who doesn't have a chance. I hear the illiteracy gene is inherited from the Father's side.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"The 7 is silent" -- how very very true!