Friday, November 8, 2019

This Is Why I Cannot Engage With My One Sad Little Troll

"If he would rob a charity he would do all else he is accused of doing." Do you mean like the Clinton Foundation you puke

THIS is why I cannot engage the Hillbilly Trumpster. Every comment or story that is negative about the idiot trump is immediately answered with something the OTHER side did. I would love if for once one of these muppets would say that they believe what a COURT is saying about how trump robbed a charity for his own purposes. GUILTY. But that doesn't matter to the brainwashed cog. He is obsessed with something not even in litigation. How can you focus on a conspiracy theory when the theft is going on right in front of you. And there is PROOF and WITNESSES of trump's crimes and that make his impeachment a no brainer. And of course the Hillbilly will deny, deny, deny and bring up all the unrelated 'crimes' of the other side. It's predictable and boring as hell and if there is one thing I hate is stupid and boring and the person who wrote it is both.


Rod Barnett said...
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Rod Barnett said...

And they will never stop. These sad bastards can only see this as a sport - they have their team and they have theirs. You will never convince them of anything. They will just have to live their sad lives screaming 'I Hate You' into the void to drown out the sound of reality. This means we have to overcome them even though we'll be making their lives much better. They will scream about it all the way. They are children.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

And that is why I ignore them. I can't fix stupid.