Friday, January 13, 2023


I should watch more films from India than I do. Their whole movie industry is unknown to me aside from their Bollywood movies with their constant singing and dancing. If I was going to invest the time I needed something with a little more meat on it. Then this trailer appeared. Now THIS is what I have been looking for. Batshit crazy cinema from India.

At nearly three hours, this one packs a lot of story (and some songs) into one viewing experience. The fight scenes are magnificent and the other choreography is what you would expect to see in this Indian adventure genre. Everything is ramped up to an 11 and they throw everything into this movie that they possibly could for a story set in the 1920s. The good guys are really good and the bad guys are really bad.

Notably all the animals from tigers to jaguars to elephants, wolves and bears are all computer generated so that no animals would be harmed in the making of the film. The CGI required for that to occur was also pretty well done. One battle scenes requires such jungle creatures to even the odds and the scene is thrilling because you know such action could never be filmed with real animals and the CGI keeps up with the imagination of the viewer.

There is a natural point in the film about half way through that you can turn off the movie and save the ending for another day like I am doing. That first half was a film in itself and I was exhausted watching at that point. It was that good. I look forward to seeing what fresh stunts they have prepared for what looks to be the final battle between and with our two brothers against the evil British Government.

Since I am a newbie to these kind of movies, I am unaware of the kind of features that made it the highest grossing film in Indian history. So much so that they re-released it into theatres several times over the past year. I found it fun and fascinating to watch. Those filmmakers really have their stuff together when it comes to filming sheer spectacle. The friendship between the two male leads is also a strong factor and would be considered a bit of overkill in a western movie. Here it's the emotional heart of the story as each brother is lying about who he really is to the other and that confrontation is highly anticipated and worked towards. Hell they even sing songs about it.

I found this short review of the film to express an opinion that I could totally agree with. You also get to see some cool clips from the film that will give you some idea about what to expect. It's all pretty over the top and worth your time if you ever come across it on one of the streaming sites.

Now that I have seen the last half of RRR, I can say without a doubt that I am a better person for the experience. If you are going to watch ONE film from India, why not make it the best and most popular movie they ever produced, according to the population. I think you will see some things you have never seen before and it's variety that is the spice of life.

Highly recommended.

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