Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Machine

 think I just saw the best Russian comedy of all time based on the mostly true life story of Bert Kreischer, an American podcaster known as the MACHINE. In his shirtless comedy act, Bert tells the story of being a student  in Russia twenty years ago and how his interactions with the Russian mob and his wild action turned him into an underground legend known as the Machine. The Mafia loved him and he even robbed a trainload of his classmates with the ehlp of his new friends on the other side of the law.

Many considered the story to be bullshit but that didn't stop Bert from adding it to his stand up act and even making a movie, staring himself, IN RUSSIAN, so maybe the legend is true. Personally I believe it because everyone needs heroes.

Bert has a reputation for being a hard drinker and drug user but he loves his family and has had an interesting life first working for the Travel Channel before starting his podcast which I can't get enough of. In fact I watch him interview Dr Pimple Popper just yesterday and he never ran out of interesting conversation, He loves pimple popping as much as I do. Imagine how great he would have been if his life wasn't a train wreck.

One of the coolest thing is that MARK FREAKIN HAMEL plays Bert's father. Yes, THAT Mark Hamel.

It's a great story and a lot of fun. Don't mind the subtitles.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

"What's wrong with this shirt," LOL -- Actually, this movie looks pretty good. Stupid, but good. And Mark Hamel shines! This could be his comeback!